California VIP Tours

Our tours were mapped and personalized for those who want an up-close and personal look at the lifestyle, culture, history and architecture of the Golden State. We currently offer five tours in Southern California and four tours in the Northern of the State.

For the convenience of our guests, we projected tours in two formats. A day trip departing from Las Vegas and tours departing from the L A metropolitan area to the various cities in the vicinity.

The purpose of our city tours packages is to make easy and convenient for our clients to get a cohesive, well-integrated synopsis of California most known cities such as Los Angeles, Hollywood, the elite community of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, the stunning beaches of Santa Monica, Venice and Long beach, the beautiful and picturesque Santa Barbara and the culturally rich San Diego and even more so, the breathtaking trip to northern California traveling the famous CA 1 and Big Sur.

We cater to incentive, corporate and small groups, families and individuals on private and semi-private services.

There are many companies offering similar services, but does not compare to the superior quality of our services.

Los Angeles

San Francisco