About us

About us

Much more than just a receptive company, Vegas Brazil meets several areas aimed at Brazilians, having an experienced, well trained and super prepared to help our customers in the most varied needs that motivated them to visit Las Vegas.

Our team as a whole, is committed to providing services with quality and efficiency, which added a special touch can make them feel at home and sometimes makes them not only customers, but dear friends.

Below is a brief introduction of the directors of Vegas Brazil team, in addition to our employees and partners that makes all the difference in our company.

City Presentation

Born of greed for money, Las Vegas feeds of superlatives: here are the biggest rollercoasters indoors (Circus Circus), the largest Ferris wheel in the world (The Linq), the most expensive private project in the history of country (CityCenter), the largest searchlight planet (Luxor), the largest screen LED existing and even 15 of the top 20 hotels ever built.

In addition to casinos, shows and nightclubs, the city also has its dark side, and provides surprises in every direction of the Strip: north, Downtown Las Vegas, a place of intellectuals and artists, revealing incredible small art galleries that contrast with its colossal neighbors. To the east, beyond the spectacular dam Hoover Dam, the mythical Grand Canyon is less than three hours by car.

To the west it is possible to marvel at the red rocks of the Red Rock Canyon and the mysteries and beauties of Death Valley, while to the south we can enjoy the beauty of Californian beaches, the magic of Disneyland castles and toys and the mansions and Hollywood celebrities and Beverly Hills.

To present all that the city has to offer to the safety and desired quality, Vegas Brazil met the best people to open the city gates and receive you with open arms!

Our company


The company Vegas Brazil LLC was established in 2011 in order to meet the need for online and updated information on Las Vegas, written in Portuguese. With less than three years after launch, the website www.vegasbrazil.com became the highest reference point for the Brazilians, logging more than 3 million hits and won the merit of 304 thousand accesses in a single month. (Source: Google Analytics)

The large amount of access to the website has generated many requests from tourists and travel agencies to responsive service in Las Vegas.

In July 2014 the company was sold, enabling the expansion of services and the hiring of the best tourism professionals who had in the market. Our team consists mainly of Brazilians, which allows us to guarantee service in Portuguese with quality and efficiency attributed to an American company.

Our Services

Why Choose Las Vegas if there are fascinating destinations around the world? For every year 40 million people are poured in the games rooms of Sin City, built from the world, right in the middle of the desert? Surely because, with his faults and follies, Las Vegas is not like any other place in the world. It is a unique, bold and attractive city and through Vegas Brazil you can get information and enjoy more of what the city has to offer!

Get the best of Las Vegas and the region in exclusive tours. The tours are led by expert guides totaling more than 20 years of experience in the field.

*** The tours can be private or in groups, and the private tours can be customized according to the need and customer desire, as long as agreed beforehand. The Vegas Brazil is structured to offer all our customers the various tour options in Las Vegas and region.

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